Virtual museum of Canada
Collections from Storage: A Visit to our Hidden Treasures

Fill in the spaces by writing the answers in the spaces provided, horizontally and vertically. In the puzzle, note that compound words are written without a space or a hyphen. Click on Indice for clues! You will then be able to pay a virtual visit to the Museum's collections where you will find more information. To validate your answers, click on Validate your answers.



1 This resident of Sherbrooke was the private chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII. Get a hint - Subject of a paleontological study. Get a hint
3 A small, mud-dwelling bird, which may be extinct; called an "Eskimo ....". Get a hint - Bringing together similar objects.
5 Putting objects in their place.
7 Reptile with a carapace. Get a hint - Marine Arthropod, a close relative of spiders and scorpions. Get a hint
9 A large bug often found in our swimming pools. Get a hint
11 The name of a deer that lives in the hills and mountains in western Canada. Get a hint - An Australian bird that can be seen in our collections. Also an edible fruit. Get a hint
12 To remove the water from a specimen; an insect is often ... to preserve it in the collection. - Large marine mammal of Arctic regions, the male has very long upper canine "teeth". Get a hint
14 To find the name of a species, to recognize. Get a hint
15 Conservation technique by sublimation at a very low temperature. Get a hint
17 Owl that often lives in church steeples and other buildings. Get a hint
18 A series of figures on a label. - The person in charge of a museum's collections.
20 An American naturalist and taxidermist who created a display case of 36 birds. Get a hint - An element of a rock; inorganic. – Exterior envelope of a body, sometimes called a study .... Get a hint
21 Produced by a female bird.
22 Liquid which is used to preserve exhibits in a collection. Get a hint
23 Because of its characteristics, it represents an element of the mineral, vegetable or animal world. - The acronym of the Centre de conservation du Québec. Get a hint


1 Synonym for fur or pelage. Get a hint - A small piece of paper attached to a specimen. - Abbreviation for Saint
3 The acronym of the Canadian Conservation Institute. - A place where the pieces in the museum's collection are kept. Get a hint
5 The long canine tooth of this whale is part of our collection. Get a hint - The common language used to identify species.
6 A sliding compartment in a piece of furniture.
8 An endangered member in eastern Canada of the family Mustelidae. Get a hint - An important Canadian naturalist, he was director of the Geological Survey of Canada.
10 A bird which is now extinct, resembling a pigeon. Get a hint
12 A special school providing education in theology, religious history. Get a hint
13 Part of the body often preserved by hunters as a trophy.
14 Large knife with 2 sides. Get a hint
16 Often called a garden spider, its name comes from the white cross on the back of the abdomen. Get a hint- An insect often found in homes; it has a single pair of short wings.
19 Filled with straw (an early form of taxidermy). When a taxidermist prepared the animal for display he used to .... it with straw. Get a hint
20 The bony structure of the body of vertebrates. Get a hint - Albino mammal in our collections. Get a hint
22 A science that is concerned with the human past and which uses digs to find information.
24 It was the first of the species identified and captured south of the St. Lawrence River in more than a century. Get a hint - Celebrated ornithologist, naturalist and American painter of French origin. Get a hint - Animal often covered by a chalky shell. Get a hint

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