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Long-snouted Seahorse

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What a strange fish this is! seahorses are among the most fascinating animals ever. Aside from their unique shape, they have the ability to blend in with their surroundings and to swim in place. In addition they perform an unusual parental role switch: it is the male who carries the fertilized eggs in the ventral pouch until the eggs hatch.

Seahorses can be preserved fairly well once they have been dried and this is why they can be quite often found in collections and souvenir shops. This specimen was undoubtedly purchased in such a shop in the mid-XXth century. Today, it would be unacceptable to obtain a specimen this way because the species is now the subject of various efforts to protect it and regulate its trade. This seahorse lives in the waters around Europe, in the eastern part of the Atlantic, from the Netherlands to Portugal and in the Mediterranean.

Cardboard entitled "oeMr. and Mrs. Sea Horse" on which are glued three seahorses, one female, one male and one immature.

Credits : Musée de la nature et des sciences, Sherbrooke

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