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Ill-scented Trillium

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Here is a Ill-scented Trillium, a perennial plant native to North America which belongs to the lily family. Its stem comes from an underground rhizome. It has three large leaves clustered at the top and a single flower made up of three dark red petals. The pedicle is sometimes curved causing the flower to face down towards the ground. The flower produces a fruit, an almost black berry.

The red Trillium flowers in the spring in the deciduous or mixed forests of Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and less frequently in the rich and humid forests of Manitoba. The flower gives off a disagreeable odour which attracts flies, thereby assisting pollination.

To preserve it, this trillium was dried and pressed between sheets of paper, then mounted on a cardboard.

This trillium has three leaves clustered at the top and a flower consisting of three red petals.

Credits : Musée de la nature et des sciences, Sherbrooke

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