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Mule Deer

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The Mule Deer is a mammal of the family Cervidae. It lives in the mountains and hillsides of western Canada. It may sometimes be found as far east as Manitoba. It is distinguished from the White-tailed Deer by its white tail, tipped black only at the end. Also, in adult males, the antlers branch to form two equal forks. Its name comes from the fact that its large ears look like those of a mule. It can jump from all four feet at once and has achieved a speed of 60 km/h running.

This head is one of 12 specimens from the Kessler collection. This collection is a result of many hunting trips around the world made by the well known Sherbrooke businessman, Franz Kessler.

Mule Deer's head

Credits : Musée de la nature et des sciences, Sherbrooke

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